Video game developer && programming

RC Club

RC Club - AR Motorsports

Videogame for iOS
Developed in Unity.

- Available at iOS AppStore-

RC Club (Website)



Videogame for Nintendo Swtich
Developed in Unity.

- Available at Nintendo eShop-



It's Raining Inside (Nordic Game Jam 2016 - "LEAKS")

Game made at the Nordic Game Jam, April 2016 (24 hours of non-stop programming).
Game developed with Unity3D.

Shoot the ceiling and break it in order to create new leakings. Change the flow of the water so the enemy's basement floods before he floods yours. You can also repair existing leakings by using glue or deliever a melee attack to the enemie.

It's Raining Inside ( Website)


The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind

Delirium Studios / Abylight.
Videogame for Nintendo 3DS
Developed in C++.

- Available at Nintendo eShop-

The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind (Nintendo Website)


Battle for playground   

Playtime Stories (Master Degree Videogame Project)

Master Degree Project: Creation & Development of Videogames.
Game developed with Unity3D.

Third person action arena PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment) videogame, with dynamic events that encourage the cooperation and the needing of team building in order to achieve the objective of the game, be the best in Playground! (Website)


Pícaro Game Studio

Pícaro Game Studio

Pícaro Game Studio's Co-founder
Pícaro is a small indie videogame studio. A group of three friends making games in their spare time.



Attack of the Spooklings

Attack of the Spooklings is the first game by Pícaro Games.
Videogame for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.
Developed in Cocos2d-x.

Attack of the Spooklings is an arcade slasher. It combines the nostalgic visual style, iconic monsters and progressive difficulty of old classics like Space Invaders with the quick swiping action of games like Fruit Ninja.

- Available at App Store and Google Play Store-

Spooklings (Play Store)



Data Pack Grab (London Game Craft - "The Impact of PRISM")

Game made at the London Game Craft, September 2013 (11 hours of programming).
Game developed with Unity3D.

Surf the web, get all the data you can grab, and sell it to continue picking new data.

Made together with Carles Salas, who made the Game Desing and Art

Award winners: Best Attempt

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